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50th Anniversary Tournament Results
Saturday, May 25

Established 1969

What a perfect day for a 50th Anniversary Golf Tournament. 88 players showed for the 8:00 Shotgun start on Saturday, May 25. The weather was perfect, and the course was pretty close to the same. Scramble scores ranged from a team high of one over par 73, to the winning team’s twelve under par, 60. Prizes were paid to 4 places.

1 Chuck Wimer Steve Dorsheimer Joel Goldman Nick Cordaro 60
2 John Vinski Brook Binder Steve Pasternak Mike Nocella 61
3 George Stolzer Paul Stolzer Chris Stolzer Tim STolzer 62
4 Andrew Smith Anthony Miller Adam Halteman Bill Rolli 64

Jim Grace Nick Paolucci Jim Westgate Larry Confer Jr 64
Shawn Benfield Eric Casey Shawn Clouser Tommy Hawkins 65
Bob Kline DellThomas Ivan Orrego Larry Schlupp 65
Chuck Kensky Garrett Kensky Dave Mann David Mann 66
Jeff Stout Micki Stout Jim Warga J an Warga 67
Joel Wolfinger Ryan Faustner Jason Birli Dave Dykie 67
Don Leap Chris Cotellese Matt Scola Scott Loar 68
Matt Gwaizda Joyce Gwiazda Darryl Jackson Todd Rider 68
Tom Fudge Ray Keck Matt Lewis Eric Keck 69
Jason Reiter Shawn Biernat Travis Pollinger Chris Lesaganicz 69
Justin Bast Garry Mammelle Steve Bowers Dave Morgan 69
Rick Oswald Chris Frick Matt Baker Larry Confer III 70
John Mensch Pat O’harra Mike Miller Chris Corroa 70
Aaron Smalley Bob Scharckmuth Kim Gehris Mike Whiteman 71
Kevin Frawley Sue Frawley Denise Gartman Jim Gartman 71
Keith Zimpfer Jason Zimpfer Joe Finan Terry Hillegass 72
Steven Nixon Nevin Miller Don Moriorty Phil Von Funk 72
Seth Foreman Dave Foreman Joe Foreman Ben Foreman 73
 John Gehman

There was some sort of special event on each hole. Some were the normal straight forward events. Some were a little unusual (quirky?)

Hole #1 Closest to the Cart Path — Shawn Clouser 1’4”. There were many others nearly as close.
Hole #2 Straightest Drive — Terry Hillegass 24”
Hole #3 Closest to the Pin 3rd Shot — Chuck Wimer Holed Out
Hole #4 Sliced into the Neighbor’s Field —
Don Leap
Matt Scola
Justin Bast
Dave Morgan
Jason Zimpfer
Joe Finan
Chris Lesagonicz
Seth Foreman
Ben Foreman
Chris Stolzer
Chuck Kensky
Eric Casey
Shawn Closer
Jim Warga
That’s a lot of balls for the hay baler to pick up.
Hole #5 Closest to the Pin — Nick Cordaro 15’ 9”
Hole #6 Drive Down the Runway (Between the Lines)
Nick Paolucci
Jim Grace
Ryan Faustner
John Mensch
Steve Dorsheimer
Chuck Kensky - same guy who put one out over the fence on #4
Ivan Orrgego
Dell Thomas
Jim Gartman
Anthony Miller
Hole #7 Eagle Time — All Eagles Win but only Nick Paolucci and his group succeeded.
Hole #8 Pot of Gold 30ft Diameter
Jim Warga
Brook Binder
Phil von Funk
Hole #9 Ladies’ Longest Drive — Denise Gartman
Hole #10 Tee Shot Over the Rainbow
Bob Kline
Jesse Destine
Adam Halteman
Jeff Stout
Jim Warga
Jim Grace
Ryan Foustner
Joyce Gwiazda
Travis Pollinger
Steve Dorsheimer
Tim Stolzer
George Stolzer
Dame Mann
Hole #11 Eagle Time — All Eagles win but no team Eagled the hole
Hole #12 Pot of Gold 15ft Diameter — Rick Oswald was the only winner
Hole #13 Closest to the Pin 2nd Shot — George Stolzer 62 inches
Hole #14 Longest Putt — Mike Whiteman 19’ 3”
Hole #15 Straightest Drive Men — Travis Pollinger
Hole #16 had three flag, a 3” cup, a standard 4” cup, and an 8” cup. Multiple teams opted successfully for the 3” cup with it’s bonus stroke, for multiple net Eagles on that hole.
3 Flags

Hole #17 Closest to the Pin 3rd shot — Matt Baker 2”
Hole #18 All Greenies (hit the green on the tee shot) win
Scott Loar
Brook Binder
Garrett Kensky

Twenty one teams entered the optional Skins Game for a total pot of $420. There were three skins. Hole 3 for an Eagle — Chuck Wimer, Steve Dorsheimer, Joel Goldman, Nick Cordaro
Hole 7 for an Eagle — Jim Grace, Nick Paolucci, Jim Westgate, Larry Confer Jr.
Hole 14 for a Birdie — Justin Bast, Garry Mammelle, Steve Bowers, Dave Morgan


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