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LongJohns Open
Saturday, December 28

Tournament Results/Photos

1st Hole

The 2013 golfing season is now history. The final Butter Valley tournament is now in the books. 33 teams competed for the coveted prize of being the best cold weather golfers. Although the day started rather brisk, the afternoon high temperature reached nearly 50 degrees. The highlight of the day was a "first" for a Butter Valley tournament. Barry Hayes scored an ace on the fifth hole. Also the first in his own golfing career. That pretty much guaranteed that team a share of the Skins pot. Prizes were awarded to the first 8 places. The low of 57 took first. Teams with scores of over 64 got a great lunch.

The first Butter Valley tournament for 2014 will be the Cabin Fever Tournament scheduled for Saturday, March 15. You may begin signing up now by calling the proshop at 610-845-2491.

Tournament Scores:
Andy Faust Ray Chillano Mike Ruyak Tim Hughes 57
Glenn Halteman Ron Borbaun Chruck Craiglow Mike Stadnycki 62
Jeff Fogel Ryan Fogel Tom Masaroni John DiMarzio 62
Bill Price Keith Souder Greg Bowden Tori Fetzner 63
Mike Macsisak Chris Hey Shawn Habakus Stu Marjaram 63
Dell Bobier Randy Scherek Tony Miller 63
Pete Santanello Mark Landis Steve Johnston Rick Wilkie 64
Pete Bianco Chris Chase Mark Molyneux Mike Angelos 64

Rob Shirley Chris Carver John Formica 65
Colby Kent Lou Keppel Tom Painter Steve Grischott 66
Rick Kern Pete Bittmann Chris Snyder Blake Boyer 66
David Wood Tim Coyle Chris Hughes Karli Schilling 66
John Ounsworth Jim Ounsworth Mark Conway Mike Mdycki 66
Al Carr Dominic Carr Dave Blickhar Jeff Hudson 66
Tom Fudge Doug Gombar Ray Kack Matt Lewis 66
Craig Draper Dave Garris Fred Carr 67
Matt German Bill Keim Matt Keim Frank Cecconi 67
Joe Paolucci Nick Paolucci Jim Westgate Jim Grace 67
Ivan Orrego Del Thomas Bob Kline Larry Schlupp 67
Chip Fioravanti Mike Hendrick Connan Beck Ken Lagenella 67
Charles Crawford Steve Marcanello Clay Britton 67
Rick Adams Cole Adams Robb Parlanti Brandt Parlanti 68
Patrick Stasio Scotty Toman Alex Levy Barry Hayes 68
JR Poster Ben Reph Aaron Steinmetz Dennis Mills 70
Dante Rizzuti Eric Brickman Brian Fetterman Dave Black 71
Tim Bradley Jonathan Benhardt Hank Benhardt John Benhardt 71
Lou Donofrio Chris Murphy Joe Maranari Steve Morris 72
Paul Landes John Goshow Don Beidler Ken Landis 72
Jim Kells Nathan Kells Eric Kells Matt Pavilik 73
Steve Quiring David Yantz Anthony Yantz John Frock 73
Paul Orben Hubie Renmick Carlton Blaukawitch Brian Schultz 77
Jim Geist Bruce Kern Jeff Geist Pete Spisszak 77
Roger Sneddon Steve Jaschke Glenn Jaschke Bob DeFlippio 78

  Pre Game

Special Events:
Longest Drive Seniors #2 (65+) Dell Bobier
Closest to Pin #5 Barry Hayes 0' 0"(Hole in One)
Closest to Pin #8 Mark Molyneux 7' 9"
Longest Drive Ladies #9 Karli Schilling
Longest Drive #10 (age 55-64) Mark Molyneux
Closest to Pin #12 Bruce Kern 5' 1/2"
Closest to Pin #14 Dave Garis 11' 7"
Longest Drive #15 (age 54 down) Bill Price
Closest to Pin 2nd shot #16 Jonathon Benhardt 7'9"

Skins Game Winners:
Hole #3 Score 3 Tom Fudge Doug Gombar Ray Kack Matt Lewis
Hole #5 Score 1 Pat Stasio Scotty Toman Alex Levy Barry Hayes
Hole #9 Score 2 Jeff Fogel Ryan Fogel Tom Masaroni John DiMarzio

17 Tee
Made Putt 1615 Chip15 FW15CU


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